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Declassified intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind

Lei feng's network: this paper from Tencent, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) has been authorized to do so. Introduces the three part of face recognition systems, and mobile phone cameras can automatically facial depth analysis why.

This is a "face" of the era, a few words about the human face, the most well known is face recognition. The technology in the finance, insurance, education, security and other areas of activity, become the stars in the field of AI technology. Micro letter before the public, focuses on face recognition, this paper mainly introduces some quiet support for face recognition technology. To learn more about face recognition technology can be found in the application deep learning in face recognition--grandmother model "evolution"

In General, a complete face-recognition system consists of three main components, namely, face matching for face detection and face recognition. Lines of the three actions: face detection face location found in the image, then face matching face found on the eyes, nose, mouth, facial features, such as location, finally, face recognition feature and both face than to compute similarity, confirm the identity corresponding to the face.

                                           Ted Baker iPhone 5S case

Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Figure 1 face recognition processes

1. Introduction to face registration

Registration for face (Face Alignment), also known as facial feature points detection and location. Facial feature points different from the corner or SIFT features such as image feature points in General, facial feature points are usually a set of previously defined by manual (see Figure 2). According to different application scenarios, features a different number, for example 5, 68, 82 points.

Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera


Figure 2 common facial feature points detection and positioning of target detection

In addition plays a key role in human face recognition system, face matching technology in 3D face modeling, facial animation, facial analysis, face beautify and virtual makeup, face self-timer areas such as the dynamic response of a wide range of applications. Make a small, excellent facial registration tracking performance, mainstream mobile single-frame processing speed can reach less than 3ms, already in "every day p-dynamic response of self", "mobile QQ-a short video", "mobile video chat QQ-" "mobile phone Qzone-the dynamic response of the camera" scenarios, such as landing.

Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Figure 3 face beautify and virtual makeup Ted Baker phone cases

2. face registration status of research on traditional face registration

And others face similar changes in illumination, head pose, facial expression and so, will greatly affect the face and occlusion accuracy of registration. Face registration but also has its own characteristics, first describes the structure of the face feature points (outline and facial features), face stability of the structure is intact, and features fixed relative position and secondly, changes in posture and facial feature points of the head position changes. Traditional face registration and to keep trying to find a more accurate characterization of expression of this assemblage of both determine and change, and then select appropriate optimization method based on descriptor, which face feature points.

Most direct feature descriptor is used in color, grayscale, and different skin for each part of the face detection location. Slightly more complex you can choose from a variety of texture features, such as based on Haar texture features and Adaboost training cascade classifier for face registration. Above characterization not considering the relationship between points, and therefore does not have to maintain a reasonable face structure. Active shape models (Active Shape Models, ASM) and active appearance models (Active Appearance Model, AAM) can express both the texture and shape (shape) are two characters.

Shape features of both by the point distribution model (Point Distribution Model, PDM) to express it. Figure 4 to 600 people face the statistical distribution of facial feature points in the image map, red dot denotes the mean of the points. Texture characteristic of each feature of the ASM is, respectively, generated by calculating the points around the neighborhood information corresponding to each feature of the response (the Response Map). Delineated in blue area in Figure 5 is used to calculate the response, and red dots indicate the actual facial feature point location. AAM uses the whole face to describe texture by facial feature point location is transformed to the standard shape is obtained regardless of the shape of face texture, and is independent of shape based on the principal component analysis method for modeling facial texture.

Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Depth research on human face image registration

Starting from 2006, deep neural network has been in computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing and other fields have achieved unprecedented success, also face registration brought a breezy spring. Scholars are no longer making a face descriptors of the building complex. Academic industry accepted method for deep face registration there are two classes: cascade Convolutional network face registration (Cascade CNN) depth face registration and multitasking.

As shown in Figure 6, Cascade CNN consists of three levels, each level contains multiple convolution network. First-level estimate is given an initial position, on the basis of two fine adjusted after feature point location. Multi-task distribution, Brigadier General registration and other attributes related to face training simultaneously. Property contains the head pose associated with facial features, facial expressions, such as smiling mouth is likely to be open, positive face feature points symmetrically distributed. Multitasking helps enhance the feature point detection accuracy. However the speed of convergence of the different tasks have different and difficult, difficult to train. Currently offers two solutions for adjust the training process of different tasks: early termination rule (task-wise early stopping criterion) and dynamic control mechanism.


Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Figure 6 Cascade CNN network model

3. face different scenarios face registration registration

Academics face registration with each passing day, industry product applications technical requirements have become more sophisticated, and face different scenarios put forward different requirements of registration.

Face recognition business the core problem is semantic alignment between facial image pixels, namely face feature point location. Error description of the feature location results in extraction of face feature severely deformed, leading to identify performance degradation. In order to better support for face recognition, we increase the scope of change the face frame, in order to reduce dependence on the face detection frame size. Face feature point we choose five, ensures a certain degree of face structure description, and reduces the effect of registration error on face recognition.


Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Figure 7 for face recognition

Beauty takes facial feature points reach ultra high precision positioning, such as eye makeup eyeliner lashes only positioning is accurate enough in order to achieve the natural fit beauty effect. In order to provide precision, we use the cascade model, rough face facial features, facial for fine positioning.


Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

Figure 8 intelligent beauty

Facial self portrait effect using mobile video, the registration process is strict. Traditional face matching technology does not have the capacity to determine whether tracking success, in order to avoid lost phenomena in the process of tracking (tracking to the inhuman face), you must rely on time-consuming face detection, face registration we face judgment features have been added, reduce reliance on face detection. We use elongated depth of neural networks, and compression using SVD decomposition model and algorithm acceleration, model size control in the 1M, the processing time on mainstream mobile phones only 3ms. Model size and speed are the industry's highest standards.


Ted Baker iPhone 5S case

Declassified: intelligent beauty and dynamic response of the technology behind the camera

1 face self-timer video special effects

Excellent face registration renewal

Excellent laboratory continuous follow up on technology trends, update versions. Face matching technology migration from traditional methods to the deep learning method, from the latest academic research results to the best choice, we went through several rounds of iterative update, did a lot of innovative and try it. Face registration version 1.0 was released in April 2013, rough face features, 4 months after version 2.0 of precision positioning was successfully published, and fun products. After version 3.0 accuracy greatly improved, while landing in beauty products. Version 4.0 using the deep learning method, precision has been further improved, with an average above the artificial level. In May this year we released the latest version 5.0 using depth multi-task learning method, speed and depth of network size has been greatly optimized mainstream mobile frame rates over 200, model 1M, and bring their own face judgment function. Mentioned in the introduction of face self-timer effect with the support of this version.

4. the follow-up research and development plan

Future we strive to enhance the user experience of applications fell, on the other hand is also actively exploring new scenarios. Currently face self-timer video registration and tracking defects still exist. To resolve this problem, improve the user experience depends on further ways of enhancing the human face registration of stability and accuracy. Other than applications referred to in this article has been, face matching technology can also be applied to intelligent access control system, financial core, live on the Internet industry, and many other fields. In new areas of application, studies how face matching technology to meet the new requirements is another issue that we will face.

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Large print crowding the screen the bracelet of Gu Yu return to social business

On August 19, 2016, it was a normal Friday afternoon, about three points later, a bright green background color of the dialog box in your circle of friends crowding the screen. Hermes iPhone cover

Hermes iPhone cover

All these dialogs from a place called "characters" of the public: you want sent to the "characters", will generate a picture in the background, is returned to you. Friends of big company called seconds like science and technology, access to information to show that this is a company that was founded in the end of 15, mainly founder named Gu Dayu.

Familiar with screen readers may know of Lei Feng Gu Daewoo. 2013 as between sponsor Gu Dayu from Alibaba to leave, start building measuring data and pass data of Ghost in the shell technology, the main product is the Bong bracelet. Published later than a micro, which used to be major SNS products Alibaba against micro-letter; while Bong bracelet launch in 2014 are quickly started in the circles of science and technology, with design, automated algorithm and a good marketing style, Bong when new hardware is the star product of the circle.

Back to second great, this is the third time Daewoo Gu's business. This is the kind of product? Web on the night of the large crowding the screen a short interview of Lei Feng Gu Daewoo.

Characters are kind of product? Gu Dayu says this is what they figured out some time ago an interesting, spent about a day developed and popular than they expected. "Large print" pilot, the stress-test they even finished yet.

Second Chan-what is the main? About a month ago, seconds seconds Zambia launched their main product, and is a main sex video social networking applications. Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) edit, download a trial, second broadcast live close to the 1V1. Two random stranger video calling friend automatically after 3 minutes of talk, also set up within the second sowing "appreciation", as flowers in the live sports car, can recharge in Exchange for diamonds. Hermes iPhone case

Gu Dayu says "video social networking is a very interesting area, second seeding now online 3 weeks, progress is ideal. "But he gave no specific data on the second seeding now.

On the previous venture, Gu Yu recalled, at the end of last year, they adjust the Bong become a consumer products company, then he quit to redo a new product. Seconds like technology now has 17, main on the second seeding. Second seeding project currently taking place after the second round of funding.

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GAIR Summit strike

GAIR | Summit strike

On August 12, 2016, the "CCF-GAIR" Global Summit on artificial intelligence and Robotics in Shenzhen Futian Shangri-La Hotel officially opened. The main venue for the Conference has, outside the venue for the exhibition.

GAIR | Summit strike

Field event

GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike

The Conference sponsored by the China computer society, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) contractors, government guidance. As many as 1500 people participated in the event, they are fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, intelligent driving practitioners, researchers and experts in various media.

Dry before reports came out of the Summit, let us take a look at the off-site exhibition area. Exhibition brings together domestic and international leader in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and intelligent handling of enterprise, including search dogs, 360, Jingdong intelligence.

Exhibition mainly products, search dog also offers interactive games, attracting many participants and onlookers.

Exhibition site:

GAIR | Summit strike

Dog man-machine war:

GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike

Yang technology showcase the depth cameras, you can quickly identify the parcel size:

GAIR | Summit strike

Si-chi of the main voice intelligent interaction:

GAIR | Summit strike

--Automatic driving of the eye laser radar Velodyne YSL Galaxy S5 Case

More exhibitors:

GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike

360 launched sprouting da child-robot:

GAIR | Summit strike

Intelligent speaker Jing dong Ding Dong:

GAIR | Summit strike

More products: YSL Galaxy S5 Case

YSL Galaxy S5 Case

GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike GAIR | Summit strike

Official opening of the General Assembly on the morning of 12th, GAIR dry reports focus more on Lei Feng network Summit topic.

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Super God patent exposures iPhone 7 or dual camera offers optical zoom

Super God patent exposures, iPhone 7 or dual camera offers optical zoom

Recent United States Patent Office also exposed a super God of Apple patents, the design might appear in the next generation of its flagship iPhone 7. Moschino Galaxy S4 Cases

This is a pair of rear camera on the patent, but this time the feature is no longer HTC and a stack of domestic machine, called "focus after the shoot" stunt features. Rumors for so many years, iPhone finally has the potential to provide optical zoom, but this time with the dual focal length lens + algorithm synthesis route.

Moschino Galaxy S4 Cases

And crop photos of different digital zoom just algorithms, optical zoom can be lossless picture bigger, by moving optical lens, that can provide different focal length of the camera's field of vision. But lens structure is complex and bulky, so rarely on the phone using the optical zoom. But Apple's patent with dual lens "understatement" solves the problem of optical zoom and highlight the camera.

Super God patent exposures, iPhone 7 or dual camera offers optical zoom

"Double lens" the principle is very simple but very clever: these two are the main camera, but comes with different lens focal lengths, short (wide angle) lens to take a wide angle photo of the whole, and a telephoto (which can be roughly understood as a "telescope") lenses are responsible for to focus details photo shoot. Synthesis algorithm, is a focus of the last, non-destructive optical zoom magnification of the photos!

To the field of video, iPhone can shoot their own fun with picture-in-picture video. In addition, the dual-lens, and finally allow iPhone to video when you can shoot full pixels photo. Once this function is used in the iPhone 7, estimated the da an Android manufacturers a year ... ...

Super God patent exposures, iPhone 7 or dual camera offers optical zoom


Tips Moschino Galaxy S4 Case

Super God patent exposures, iPhone 7 or dual camera offers optical zoom

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~

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Special new deal affect who The 10 questions you might care

Special new deal affect who? The 10 questions you might care

Note: special train introduced new rules, in addition to drops, Uber legalization can bring? Com know anonymous users answers, regarding the new rules he gave her 10 points, for reference. Disney Note 4 flip case

1, the new deal was introduced yesterday, drip drop, Uber, easy, easy to several PR collective orgasm, have issued a statement to praise the Government, along with a run on the opponent.

After a major incident, brush the PR anger there over two years of his already tired.

2, but there is no doubt that, from an overall perspective, the new deal is good for the industry.

Its greatest progress is that nets out about car nominally illegal, began to have an official status, able to survive in a more fair and just competition framework development.

3, the new deal is an innovative power and traditional forces long after the game, what can be achieved in the present situation the best results.

If requested by the discussion before, private, vehicles must be allowed to do is scrap company vehicles, eight years, then the domestic network about the car industry will be barren.

4, followed by a question is about legal network, taxi industry do?

Another subtlety of this is talking about a new deal: it's just fuzzy sets out "orderly development network about cars", but the delegation of management to specific cities, in fact, are in for some local protection of taxi industry left a back door, can be said to be ready to reserve.

Can foreseen, North wide, big city due to travel market space huge, again plus support innovation of policy image needs, is may for network about car more Catholic; but in two or three line city, taxi industry itself has oversupply, network about car of large influx Rob has taxi of jobs, now make tube sector jurisdiction right in hand, implementation more strictly of area management policy just time problem, and image poor of private network about car will first.

5, there is an obvious misconception is that out of the new deal, legalization of private cars, you can easily open the car.

In fact, documentation 13th clear, your car is not enough to meet the standards, or to change vehicles in nature, from the "non-operating" to "operation". That is, the car is not directly open car. Disney Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case

A noteworthy trend is that many media are now consciously or unconsciously ignored this, only "legitimate private cars", which clearly significantly different with the new deal.

6, that the requirements for vehicles, will lead to what the butterfly effect?

Direct influence is increasing the cost of maintaining a car. Operating vehicle insurance will be much higher than the private car, damage and maintenance costs will be higher.

And more importantly, of these vehicles used cars the residual value is much lower, and sold on price, some only work part-time private car owners are likely to work out.

7, the network about how the industry will develop?

At present the industry as a whole is mainly two modes, one drops, Uber C2C model, their vehicles are; there is also a divine, first steam the B2C model, car is a car rental company.

Both C2C and B2C model, specialized, high-end network about the car industry is inevitable, the car is better, people occupation, and thoughtful service. This obviously is a good thing for all users.

8, but bearing in mind is that in encouraging innovation, network about a new deal there is a hidden thread: remains stable, ban hit the taxi market.

Disney Note 4 flip case

New deal made "high-quality services, differentiation", root cause is part of middle and low-end markets leaving millions of existing taxi.

Plus for the price of a double – market-regulated prices, but allowed the Government guidance prices, regulators are clear: neither services nor the price, net about cars are not allowed to grab a taxi cake.

Direct impact is that express of low-end network about the car not to do.

9, Express after being banned from a factual, carpool, Rideshare can also do?

Clearly these two services are inclusive of the new deal. But what exactly is a car, what is the hitch?

Is available for reference, in 2014, issued in Beijing to encourage carpooling, but ask the lines fixed, fixed, also requires the two sides to sign an agreement. Obviously the current drop ride, excellent people there is all the difference.

If regulators judge under such harsh conditions, also amounted to a sentence at the moment called carpool, ride of the death penalty.

(Note: for 8, 92 points, Lei feng's network (search for "Lei feng's network", public interest) consulted IT and intellectual property lawyer Zhao occupation, he is not very accurate, didn't say new rules can't do business low prices, without car no, both these views lack of direct evidence. )

10, Xiaobo Wu in the agitation in the 30 years of recording a past: in 1978, Lu guanqiu, sneaky little factories in Zhejiang province had produced 1000 Coulter, ran to sell farm machinery company, was out, because he did not "distribution".

After more than 30 years, today's innovators are lucky, they have no vested interest in touch and again hit a hard policy barriers. Rigid supervision of the fundamentalist ideas and not wearing "maintain stability" coat new guise. Out of the new deal, rectifies.

But we also see the introduction of an innovation policy, could face up to industry participants about their own interests, the use of media on the wrap dress, even deliberately misconstrued. This is the net about a new deal with the inherent landing risks.

We should pay close attention, for unintentional over interpretation of the new deal, as well as disregard for rules and procedures, will result in the net about the car industry to anarchy and moral extremes of the kidnapping. Perhaps, this is what we need to be alert to the beast.

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Lightweight automobile body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum

In the modern engine technology to enhance difficulty growing, battery efficiency is not satisfactory under the background of both traditional fuel vehicles, and new energy vehicles, lightweight technology are the basis of a common technology. As one possess many properties of light aluminum alloy materials, become a lightweight automobile technology development in the material of choice.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Body mass of car a total quality 40%, for vehicle weight, body weight plays a very important role.

Us today to talk about key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy used for automotive body parts, including aluminum alloy automotive sheet metal and tube hydro-forming process of stamping forming technology, profile extrusion, sheet metal temperature and structure of casting (cast aluminum) forming technology.

| Application of aluminum alloy car body

Grades of aluminum alloy according to the non-aluminium-containing species with different content, from 1000 to 9000 all nine series.

Car body with aluminum material main including: copper pigment content highest, and hardness also high of 2000 Department, main containing magnesium elements, and and said "magnesium aluminum" of 5000 Department, magnesium Silicon content high, and anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation performance good of 6000 Department, car body of different by force parts will used different series model of plate, and profile, and pipe and the high performance cast aluminum, aluminum material.

Skeleton parts: the largest part of the body force, 2000 series and 7000-series material, heat.

Outer part: body force part of the minor, with 5000 or 6000 series material.

Door parts: 5000 or 6000 series material.   

Part of the floor: 5000 or 6000 series material.

Casting: high performance cast aluminum alloy, heat.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum alloy widely used in the automobiles

Aluminum castings are manufactured to carry large loads of parts, reduces the weight significantly but have high strength. These plates have a complex geometry, usually by vacuum die casting, so it has high strength. Aluminum castings with high ductility, good weldability, high plasticity, ensuring high security in case of collision. These types of aluminum alloy castings is 5000 or 6000 series aluminum alloy. Aluminum castings are mainly used to structure of electric vehicle battery pack the box more. Moschino for Note 4

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Tesla Model s battery box

| Key manufacturing technology of aluminium alloy for automobile body parts

Main cast aluminum parts for auto body (cast aluminum) connectors, panels (sheet metal), extruded frame, hydraulic structure of formed sheet panels and pipe parts.

General stamping processing poor surface quality of aluminum alloy, low yield (about 70%), cannot meet the body parts with high precision, high reliability, high efficiency and low defect manufacturing requirements. Hydroforming of car body parts in Europe, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries access to a large number of applications in the automotive industry, equipment, high pressure up to 400 MPa, processed aluminum alloy engine cover plate both inside and outside, inside and outside the door and fender cover the loading application.

Large aluminum castings, aluminum hydroforming parts forming the two core technologies. Aluminum alloy automotive sheet metal and tube hydroforming process as shown below.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Hydro-forming technology

Compared with the stamping process, the advantages of hydroforming process is as follows:

(1) reduce the stock size, saving materials;

(2) improved forming limit, reducing road;

(3) part surface quality and dimensional accuracy greatly improved;

(4) reduce the cost of supporting the mold number and;

(5) reduce the amount of subsequent machining and welding;

(6) forming complex shape and deformation, which require high integrity parts.

This technology in foreign countries have become the mainstream of automotive lightweight technology, and toward integrated, fast, large, accurate development. While domestic success in the large-tonnage hydraulic forming machine has been developed, such as 1050 and 1600 t t material hydroforming equipment, but spread in domestic aluminum sheet hydroforming there are the following main problems:

(1) lack of knowledge based on aluminium hydroforming design. Knowledge not available to designers of hydraulic forming system, not comprehensive, our designers cannot or not be able to take into account the Hydroforming technology used in lightweight structures.

(2) hydraulic forming of aluminum sheet material forming technology and research of the quality control system for parts. Most conventional stamping forming of aluminum sheet materials and parts of quality control results do not apply to Hydroforming technology.

(3) a lot of tooling and the super high pressure hydraulic system for the industrialization of key technologies to be breakthrough.

(4) based on the aluminum sheet hydroforming equipment throughout the system is not perfect. Moschino Note 4 Cases

For these reasons, industrialization of parallel action-oriented system is not the actual application, tooling and mold development difficult, longer debugging cycle, thus higher cost models are still a novelty in the country.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum alloy automotive sheet metal hydroforming applications (Tesla Model s-side wall and floor)

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum automotive tubing internal high pressure forming of parts (Jaguar and Tesla Model s P85D XFL)

Warm forming technology of aluminum alloy sheet forming properties of materials, process parameters and mold design, influence of lubrication and friction, and many other factors, and is still a pending further research and development of new technologies in sheet metal forming. If you get a breakthrough, you can provide an efficient prototyping parts--average hourly production (ASPH) of more than 540 pieces.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Car floor warm stamping process

In recent years, the aluminum alloy warm forming technology applied in car body. Currently, aluminum punch plate stamping technology for thermo-forming body there are still some problems, mainly in the following areas:

(1) forming must continue to improve. Local tensile ductility of aluminum alloy sheet is not good, easy to crack, especially more complex parts.

(2) part surface quality is not good enough. In order to avoid tension, often leading to insufficient stamping tensile, as the outer panels prone to local defects such as facial distortion, effects of surface quality.

(3) dimensional accuracy is not easy to master, rebound control. For these reasons, aluminum die development difficult, longer debugging cycle, thus the high cost, it is difficult to meet the high quality requirements of car body parts.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Automobile covering parts

| Profile extrusion

In body design, and applying the framework designed to make the body of static torsional rigidity is increased by 60%. Extrusion forming technology is bent one servo control of a frame profile extrusion forming technology, but also the main technical means of space frame design.

Countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States has put a lot of manpower and material resources to tackle large wide flat extrusion process of aluminum alloy, precision quenching and artificial ageing, finishing school and other key technologies. Some new compression techniques have also been developed, such as high speed extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion, no salvage and variable cross-extrusion and so on.

Many models owned by high-end cars such as Audi, BMW, Nissan series, GM Buick and Grand Hyatt and the Toyota Crown, are made of aluminum alloy as the bumper beam and energy-absorbing material.

Extrusion molding process starts from the product design. Product requirements determine the product of many parameters, such as products of mechanical processing and surface treatment performance and environmental requirements determine the type of extruded aluminum. Product design of shape also determine how aluminum Extrusion die shape.

When the design problem-solving, the actual extrusion process starting from extruded aluminium cast rod, by extruding heated before softening, and then into the spindle tube extruder sein, again driven by high power hydraulic cylinders front end with a dummy block extrusion rod, in the presence of strong pressure, softened after the cast aluminum precision extrusion forming hole of rod from the mold.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Extrusion molding die

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum front bumper beam

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Jeep front bumper beam

Extruding bent-integrated machining technology as shown below. Profile out of the die bending is achieved through a series of guides. This method can be used to precisely control the accuracy of bending of profiles, and you can easily realize the bend (bending direction and different parts have different radii of curvature). According to the bending stress, curved boot mode can also be adjusted from the extrusion die.

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Extrusion bending-integration process

Extrusion process, since the common extrusion presses, motion is constant, the optimization of process parameters is difficult to achieve. Servo control systems combined with extrusion presses, will be able to realize any slider motion characteristic curve, slider position accuracy of 0.01mm, servo press trip can easily adjust according to process requirements, improving product quality and production efficiency, reduce the cost of production has a very important significance.

For the car's front rail, seat rails, bumpers, shock-absorbing structure section structure changes, the forming technology of stamping and welding is often used method, compression, expansion forming, these complex processes, high production efficiency, low cost, and welding parts will reduce stiffness and energy absorption characteristics. Extruding bent-shaped servo control method of manufacturing aluminum components in the structure, can significantly reduce the amount of the subsequent mechanical processing of semi-finished products, full of fiber reinforced high performance extrusion, thereby enhancing the body's strength and reliability.

| Structure of casting (cast aluminum) forming technology

Lightweight automobile: body in a chat with key manufacturing technology of aluminum alloy parts

Aluminum body frame (ASF)

Frame by frame structure of aluminum alloy casting and hydroforming of aluminium alloy combined into, including 35% high-precision aluminum casting, extrusion of aluminum alloy parts 22% and 35% aluminum alloy plate. Among them, frame fittings for aluminum alloy castings, this type of effect of the aluminum casting to the connecting body, is a major supporting parts, to have higher strength. In order to meet the need, the body structure for complicated thin-walled aluminum alloy castings. Because of these structural characteristics of castings, and the need for mass production of automotive industry, using traditional casting process has been unable to meet the requirements of foreign manufacturing aluminum alloy body castings are used vacuum pressure casting and extrusion casting a new squeeze casting process of special techniques.

Vacuum pressure casting is a new cast and special squeeze casting technology. Vacuum pressure casting and normal casting than increase the vacuum operation, the gas in the cavity can be drawn, metallic liquid in vacuum filling cavities, reduces the involvement of gases, heat treatment of castings, mechanical properties than conventional die castings. Special liquid metal extrusion can be achieved not only in squeezing casting and can be realized in extrusion of semi-solid metal slurry, paste have good liquidity as well as the microstructure of spherical, forming more complex castings and castings with excellent mechanical properties and high level of near NET shape.

| Aluminum body and reliable connection technology

Mechanical connection technique: high thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy, using conventional resistance spot welding technology to connect high power consumption, and quality assurance. At present, the foreign automakers are using SPR, since mechanical connection methods, such as aluminum alloy cutting screw connections.

Welding technology: aluminum body parts and connection technology, in addition to extensive use of lock rivets, cutting screws, self-tapping screws, rushed the process and glue (viscosity), non-melting connection methods, using MIG welding, laser welding (including laser welding, laser soldering) and laser-MiG arc hybrid welding, fusion welding methods. Among them,-MIG MIG welding, laser welding and laser-arc hybrid welding, friction stir welding aluminum welding technology standards body parts.

Flexible edge technologies: high precision autobody shape quality requirements strictly controlled, the traditional molded edge input, poor flexibility, rolling robot (roller hemming) became trend of flexible hemming. Mature foreign automotive equipment suppliers have a lot of flexible edge technology for aluminum alloy, for example Germany ThyssenKrupp, and United States Hirotec, and Germany Edag, and United Kingdom companies such as DVA. At present, the domestic aluminum panels supporting edging equipment suppliers are mainly European and US companies.

Lightweight automobile is the car of the future in energy saving and environmental protection, reduce pollution and other important aspects of development. As a typical lightweight aluminum alloy material is increasingly being recognized by the industry, so applications can be used more widely in the car, said all aluminum body is a trend of the future automotive lightweight.


1. Li Yongbing, Chen Changnian, Lang Lihui, Xie Hui. Research on key manufacturing technology of automobile aluminum body. Automotive technology and material, 2013 (3): 50-58.

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Moschino Note 4 Cases

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